Inès's practice is based on materials manipulations and collaborations with craftsmen and women. Together she develops new ways of working, one step away from tradition, aiming to produce new pieces in a cross-fertilization process.

Her most representative works are an ongoing series of straw bags called AKAMAE made with weavers in Ghana and distributed worldwide - and a series of furniture called Zezuru marrying wood and galvanized metal for the Botswana based maker MABEO furniture. She has worked as a freelance designer with the fashion brand LOEWE to design and produce straw accessories with the baskets weavers she works with in Ghana.

Inès lives and works in Marseille, France, and has a workshop with Eve Chaumontet in the village of Saint Pierreville in Ardèche region where all the AKAMAE straw bags are shaped and the leather handles stitched. Regularly in Africa to collaborates with craftsmen since 2015, Inès seeks to develop her practice along the new materials and makers she meets.

Finalist of the Accessories Price of the Hyères Festival, 2018.

AKAMAE edition 23. FOLDS (2023)