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ARCHIVE SALES 24th-31st May

AKAMAE edition 23. FOLDS
N°36. Haricot
N°33 S. Walnut
N°14 S. Mini shell
N°35. Croissant
N°19. Grand trapèze
N°5. Mini wave
N°22. Seau
N°35. Croissant

AKAMAE edition 23. FOLDS


The volume is pinched, bent and folded to metamorphose the initial shape. We have studied millinery techniques and how straw can take on a new silhouette and retain it when moulded. This allows us to weave simpler shapes that we then transform in our workshop in France. The elasticity of the volumes becomes a structural element of the bag, guiding the principles of shape and of the bag closures. The straw moves with the body, the envelope is manipulated, so as to be flexible or firm. More about the Akamae series.